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Curious about micro bikinis and want to know more? Shopping for a micro bikini and not sure what to get? Dont worry, heres all the info you need to know when you shop for micro bikinis. This is going to sound painfully obvious, but micro bikinis are called that for a reason: because theyre tiny. So tiny that most women gawk at the thought of wearing one. If youre not comfortable with the idea of wearing a tiny top and tiny bottom and letting it pretty much all hang out, you should walk away. These micro bikinis are not for the shy or timid. Theyre great for getting rid of tan lines, but if you dont want strangers looking at you in awe, this style is not for you. The design of the micro bikini varies from label to label but its agreed upon that the amount of coverage offered in certain areas is minimal. Think small patches of fabric, just enough to cover nipples and private areas. The rest of the suit is simply straps and a g-string (though sometimes its a little thong). If youre interested in other styles and looks that the micro bikini can come in, check out the other pages!